Data When You Need It

LeapAnalysis is the world’s first virtualized semantic search and analytics engine that combines semantic technology with machine learning to access and analyze all your data seamlessly.

Connect Your Data

With LeapAnalysis your data stays separated, but your answers come together. No moving, no copying, no transforming your data – everything is connected virtually to drive answers faster inside your business. True federation of enterprise data without the need for expensive and cumbersome integration efforts as in the past.

Fast Company most innovative
LeapAnalysis is proud to be listed as the No. 3 Most Innovative Data Science Company In The World by Fast Co. Magazine.
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Fast Company most innovative
LeapAnalysis has won TheXFuture AI League investor pitch competition and a $100,000 on-the-spot cash prize investment!
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Access Your Data From Any Source

  • Data Warehouses
  • Graph Technologies
  • Data Lake
  • REST Connectors
  • Flat File Systems
  • Document Stores
  • Relational Systems
  • Image Repositories
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Videos

LeapAnalysis provides access to all your data as if it were already inside your data lake. Our powerful data connectors provide unfettered access to any data source directly. Increase your company’s ability to rapidly use data to drive critical business decisions.

This is how we increase your “speed‑to‑knowledge.”

Are you ready for AI?

We’re excited to show what LeapAnalysis can do for your business.

Virtual on-demand Data Lake

LeapAnalysis enables the creation of a virtual data lake to unify your data into one searchable system.

  • Save time and money
  • Use your valuable data sources directly
  • Run queries/analytics directly against any data